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A Widower's Survival & Resurrected Hope    
By Jason D. Mirikitani

Jason felt the intimate love of a woman and the powerful love of God. Jason walked with God through a fairy tale wedding and more than three years of life and happiness together until a horrific car accident changed everything.


The woman Jason loved was dead. Jason suffered a severe head injury. He eventually awoke to find his body put back together, but his faith crushed and mangled like the photos depicted of his car.


Travel the miles with Jason as he relearns to walk and talk, opens his eyes to a whole new perspective of God’s love for him and gives his heart away to his second bride.


Read the heart-breaking and heart-captivating story of Jason Mirikitani in MILE MARKER 825 today.

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“This book is a must read. It will inspire you to be a better person and to stop dwelling on negativity in your life. I will be buying this book as a gift for years to come.”

Debra B, Amazon review

"I just finished reading Mile Maker 825 in less than 24 hours. What an amazing story of one man's journey to the brink of death and back. You must read Jason' emotionally gripping account of waking up from a trauma induced coma and having to relearn the most basic life skills, while also dealing with the greif of losing his wife and the shock of becoming a single parent to a toddler. The strength he found through his faith in Jesus and his amazing support network of Christians will make you question anything you think you know about inauthentic religious people. Jason is the real deal and his faith has been forged in the fires of suffering and pain. I trust his book will encourage you to face life with joy even in the midst of trials."

Jon R, Amazon review

“I couldn't put it down I finished it in 36 hours!!! This is a must read! Encouraging uplifting and very challenging.”

Kimmymc03, Amazon review 

“The beginning of Jason's story is heart-wrenching for sure, and the rest of the story is so inspiring. You can feel the love, support, and determination of Jason's family and friends, and Jason's depiction of his own healing process (both physically and spiritually) shows honesty, courage, and faith. It's a beautiful and uplifting story!”

DGBR, Amazon review

"It is almost unbearable to go through some of life's challenges, wondering how God will allow certain tragedy into our lives.  Be inspired by the Lord's unveiling of His perfect plan through life and death.  In this case, we've personally seen the blessing."

—Albert & Deidre Pujols, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

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