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Jason's Life Coaching


Coaching with Jason is both professional and informal. You will find that in conversations with Jason, as he comes to understand more about your path and obstacles, he will equip you with the tools and strategies to create the results you want.  He will help you achieve consistent results in the most important areas of your life.



Why Jason Coaches:


When Jason was in the midst of recovery from the tragic car accident ten years ago, he felt called to be a “wounded healer.” Not long after that, he enrolled in seminary to gain a more complete biblical understanding. He was an Assistant Pastor for three years and a half years. So it makes sense, given his life experiences combined with biblical training, that he would be “Coaching.”


Do you resonate with any of these?  Then Jason's coaching will help you.


  • Are there thoughts on your mind that eat away at your happiness, your success,

     your peace and therefore your life?

  • Are you sick and tired of choosing out of fear?

  • Do you feel stuck in a rut?

  • Do you feel negative emotions (such as guilt, anxiety, or poor self esteem)

     that undermine your self confidence?

  • Do you want to feel better and have more certainty about your future?

What People Are Saying


Jason Mirikitani knows about being restored-Having been through a life-changing tragedy, Jason is God's messenger of redeeming love. He listens thoughtfully and offers life experience and Biblical guidance. Through Jason's coaching, I was able to clearly see destructive relationship patterns of my past, which led me to write my testimony, which continues to provide hope in the Savior who rescues us all!

— Julie, age 38


Jason was able to minister to me and help talk me through a difficult situation with a relationship. Jason has a wonderful perspective on life's struggles from his personal life experiences. These experiences combined with a Biblical perspective allow Jason to give wise and trustworthy advice. I would recommend Jason to anyone seeking sound Biblical counsel.

— Luke, age 23


As a Life Coach, Jason is the most qualified. He is a pastor and has had to endure a horrific tragedy to which he worked through immense grief, pain and suffering which most cannot study to achieve. His current spiritual state of humility, selflessness and heart of giving to others is immeasurable. He is wise, selfless, motivated and passionate to help others achieve spiritual greatness and point them to his Heavenly Father and the scriptures for nourishment of mind and soul. He has helped our family hurdle some difficult situations and been able to articulate just the right communication to keep relationships in tact.

— Jennifer, age 41


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